LM Sept.2017

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo exudes passion and energy when he spreads the good news about the Fall Creek Crickets. Here he tosses Cricket shirts to attendees.

By Michael Chamness IASA Director of Communications

off IASA’s 53rd Annual Conference as the keynote speaker on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 27. “Talking about the great things happening in a school district builds social capital,” Sanfelippo says. “At some point, things are going to go south and if those are the only times people hear about their school district, then that is all they are going to talk about. Eighty percent of the voting public doesn’t have kids in school. The best way to build trust is through visibility, sharing and living your school experience with them.” Sanfelippo’s path to the superintendency included being an elementary school teacher, coach, counselor and elementary

The Fall Creek School District in rural northwest Wisconsin has fewer than 850 students. The team’s nickname may be Crickets, but the sound they make is anything but **crickets**. The district’s reputation has spread far and wide, thanks in large part to the seemingly boundless energy and passion of Superintendent Dr. Joe Sanfelippo. Sanfelippo spends much of his summers traveling through the Midwest and beyond, talking about the great things happening in his school district—not to brag, but to spread the example of how powerful it is for superintendents to share the great things that are happening in their districts. Sanfelippo will kick


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